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Wow! Thank you for stopping by our website. As you browse through our archives of resources or join our live stream, I am certain you will be richly blessed. Eagles’ Nest Christian Centre (ENCC) is a community of believers from different tribes, tongues, cultures and backgrounds who come together with one passion and unhindered love for our Lord Jesus Christ. We are a Bible believing, God worshipping, agape love expressing church. At ENCC, we nurture the entire man (Spirit, soul and body), building the believers faith life and making them agents of the love of God on earth while being pacesetters in the market place and their communities. ENCC is a dynamic church that utilizes the tools of technology to spread the gospel of grace to the ends of the earth.

At ENCC, you will definitely fit in, fulfilling your God given vision and call through one or more of the many expressions of the ministry. If you reside in Abuja, visit Abuja or have family and friends in Abuja, ENCC is best experienced. You will feel at home with us. If you have a pressing need you want us to stand in faith with you, please drop it in the box below and we will agree with you. If you have any feedback, please feel free to also drop it in the box below. Thank you once again for visiting. Continue to soar on the wings of grace.

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