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Our Local Church

Flying on the wings of grace.

We soar!

Lets Go!!

The local church

The expressions of the local church includes:

1. The Adult Church
2. The Teen Church
3. The Children’s Church (The Eaglets Zone)
4. The Eagles’ Music Ministry:
5. The Eagles’ Media Ministry:


b. Audio Media

c. Print media

d. Social media

6. The Eagles’ Drama and Dance Team.
7. Eagles’ Cartwheel:

a. The Couples fellowship

b. The Singles Fellowship

c. Abigail’s Circle (Women’s fellowship)

d. Men’s Fellowship

8. The PPP Team

a. Power team

b. Public Address Team

c. Projection Team

9. The Jewish Phenomenon
10. Premarital and Post Marital Counsellors
11. Eagles Academy

a. Back to Basics (Foundation Classes)

b. Membership Classes

c. Discipleship Classes

12. Beautification Team:

a. Cleaning Team

b. Gardening Team

c. Decorating Team

13. The protocol Department:

a. First Timers Team

b. Security team

c. Ushering and greeters Team

d. Pastoral Grooming Team

14.The Outreach department:

a. Evangelism Team

b. Follow-up Team

c. The Campus Crusaders Team

15. The Prayer department

Our Current Projects

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Customer 3
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Customer 5
Customer 6
Customer 7
Customer 8


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